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  For many who come to UCADIA and other sites, the questions surrounding the content and indeed the author are almost certainly mixed.  
  Upon reading UCADIA and some of the related web sites, some will say "yes", Frank O'Collins is 100% certifiable. Some may even use the content of such things as the 7 dreams to cast doubt over the underlying motive of these ideas.  
  But for others- the others who take the time to read more than just a few pages, and more than just one or two web sites, the answer hopefully will be "No"- Frank O'Collins just declares himself a person like anyone else.  
  Frank is no guru  
  Besides, everything about this web site points to the SOL code and that every human being can experience growing awareness from themselves. So what about the dreams/vision?  
  What then about the family history of the O'Collins? Isn't that virtually claiming to be above others?  
  No, it is not. Only arrogant behaviour and arrogant words makes a person into another in the long unbroken line of people claiming divine authority. In contrast, a person that breaks with this tradition, that rejects such labels, that rejects the behaviour and philosophy of messianic religion can never be called a messiah, only one who rejects such concepts.  
  What then about the 7 dreams? Are these not the imagination of a person who maybe unconsciously desires to be known as "the messiah"?  
  For my whole life I have wanted to run away. I didn't ask for the dreams. You might think I did, but I have not. Like claws into the back of your head I have felt this uneasy burden, this pushing this reminder "follow your destiny, don't turn your back to the world".  
  You can only rationalize a few dreams a few experiences, but in the end after a lifetime of them I surrendered to building this web site to the best of my ability.  
  The description of the dreams is not to reinforce some campaign for importance, but the honest truth concerning events as real as an earthquake or a tidal wave that have affected my life and driven me to complete UCADIA. Therefore, I list them so that you may understand why I come to write.  
  The arrogance of Frank O'Collins  
  For some of you, the question of "who does Frank O'Collins think he is?" might be driven by feelings of anger towards the perceived arrogance of much of this web site. Here you are a person of qualification and knowledge reading the mad ranting of a person claiming access to all knowledge and wisdom.  
  You might even be a person who has spent a lifetime trying to expose such arrogant hypocrisy. If that is the case then I apologize entirely to you and hope that you will accept my deepest regrets for any misunderstanding. This entire web site is about a fictitious idea- called Unique Collective Awareness. The idea that life is a dream is just that- an idea.  
  I have no qualifications. I have no credibility. I have no authority. I make no claims. If however you feel an idea has merits then let it be on the merit of the idea alone, not me. So again, I apologize for any perceived arrogance. I am just like you and you are like me.  
  And yet, I am also the architect and author of,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and .  
  The faults of Frank O'Collins  
  In reading this page and visiting this web site you might also have the concern that somehow I wish to raise myself above you and others. That somehow I wish to sanitize my life into the life of some saint or holy person?  
  This is not the case. The true wisdom of my life as Frank O'Collins is that I have failed as many times (if not more) than you ever have. I have lied. I have cheated. I have deceived. For these weaknesses and faults I am human.  
  In no way do I wish to hide my faults, to seek to wash away the past. What I have done is what I have done and in the future it might be my destiny to stand witness to explaining my past in detail. I have no fear, for I have failed. I am human.  
  I know what it is to desire something more. I know how it feels to not have enough money and to struggle in life. I know what it is like to doubt and have misgivings. To want to be selfish, to want to escape the duties of life. I know how hard it is to keep your soul alive when living in the suburbs and cities of this world.  
  I know what it is like to be alone. In one sense I come to you alone. Nothing but a man with ideas. I am a man being like you.  
  Breaking the cycle  
  To break the cycle. To stand as a man, with all his faults and fears in honor and respect to highest office any of us will ever hold- that of being a free sovereign man or woman. To end the cycle of claiming to "be more".  

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